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Just Love Mission focuses on three principal areas of work

Basic Education . Humanitarian Outreach . Environmental Management & Preservation



Little Annie is used to conduct basic education among its audience, within its sphere of operation,
through the mediums of aviation, mathematics, biological and environmental sciences and the
English language.

Partnering with learning institutions, companies and individuals, we participate in collaborative
inter-active development programmes of our own or partner led. Using each opportunity to educate
the next generation, providing skills development opportunities and leadership guidance, we
enable them to become better equipped in overcoming the many obstacles standing in their way as they strive for a better life pursuing their dreams and ambitions.

We believe that providing tangible learning aids and learning interactions, combined with the thrill
of aviation, makes the learning experience more attractive and more motivational to a wider
spectrum of children, bridging the communication gaps and language barriers that so often hold
them back or disqualify them from participating in mainstream educational programmes.

These barriers are often significant obstacles in the lives of children who are less fortunate in terms
of not having had adequate language and/or communicative schooling.

LA Literacy Program

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Humanitarian Outreach

Our focus is centred on the under-served, under-privileged individuals and communities and our
programmes are tailored for specific requirements and are sponsored through Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives, Government funding, business partnerships and individual donors.

We work from the basis of addressing quality-of-life matters such as:

  • Wellness - including basic nutrition, hygiene and basic health care.

  • Food and clothing aid.

  • Environment management and skills development in the production of food and self-sustainment practices.

Little Annie is utilised as the vehicle in our outreach activities and our programmes have also been developed in a way that disseminates human values and respectful social interaction amongst communities and individuals, positively impacting the lives of many.


Environmental Management & Preservation

Just Love Mission constantly seeks to promote human welfare and is actively involved in helping people through aid distribution as well as educating and assisting them to become more self-sufficient in various disciplines such as the production of food.

We enjoy and encourage corporate and personal partnerships in the delivery of these services and collaboration with stakeholders and donors are critical components of our outreach programmes to poverty-stricken communities.

Additionally, we also recognise the unique relationship between humans and nature and therefore actively participate in environment and wildlife conservation programmes where possible.

We offer our partners a uniques means of conducting Corporate Social Investment activities through the use of Little Annie.

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